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Just fill in the information below to get the MySavingsRx card. By completing the registration, you may also receive ongoing information and support related to your condition, including treatment information.

Eligibility Requirements and Terms of Use below

AstraZeneca, the sponsor of this Program, respects your personal health information. Your personal health information will be used solely to send you health-related materials and to develop products, services, and Programs.

The information you provide, as well as the information associated with your participation in the Program, may be used to contact you about or to send you health-related materials and to develop AstraZeneca products, services, and Programs. Certain information pertaining to your participation in this Program will be shared with AstraZeneca and third parties working on its behalf. The information shared will include the date of card activation, the date the transaction was processed, the number of pills dispensed by your pharmacist, and your savings under the Program. AstraZeneca, or third parties working on our behalf, will not sell or rent personal health information. If in the future you no longer want to receive these materials, please call 1-800-236-9933. Please visit to review our Privacy Notice.



We’re sorry that the program is no longer available, click here to request a card for our current savings card program.

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Based on the medicine your doctor prescribes, you may be able to:

(save up to $150 per month)




for as long as your doctor prescribes

Eligibility Requirements and Terms of Use apply.

Not available for government-insured patients.